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Wind Mitigation Inspections   



  • LICENSED, TRAINED AND EXPERIENCED INSPECTORS  Our wind mitigation inspectors are Florida Licensed Home Inspectors that have taken and passed approved wind mitigation training courses and have completed thousands of wind mitigation inspections.

  • FREE REINSPECTION OF IMPROVEMENTS AFTER YOUR ORIGINAL INSPECTION  If you make improvements (within 3 months of original inspection) we will reinspect those improvements and revise your inspection report (if warranted) at no additional charge.

  • FREE REVISIONS  If you find additional documentation or information that might help your inspection results, we’ll review it and revise your inspection report (if warranted) at no additional charge.

  • FREE REINSPECTION, IF CLARIFICATION IS NEEDED FOR YOUR INSURANCE CARRIER  If your insurance company needs clarification on any of the questions on the report we will assist in providing that clarification.  If an additional visit to your house is required, we will make that visit for free.

  • SUGGESTIONS ON WAYS TO IMPROVE YOUR INSPECTION RESULTS  You will receive suggestions on ways to improve your inspection results.  With this knowledge, you will be able to determine if making additional improvements to your home could help save you additional money.

  • 24 HOUR TURNAROUND TIME  Most of our wind mitigation reports are completed within 24 hours of the inspection. 

  • INSPECTION REPORT FORWARDED TO YOUR INSURANCE AGENT  Your agent will receive the report in a timely manner and know who performed the inspection and how to contact us if there are any problems or concerns.


  • RISK-FREE GUARANTEE  We will likely spend up to an hour on site performing the wind mitigation inspection, taking photographs, reviewing documentation and informing you of the results and ways to improve.  Before we complete/submit your inspection report, if you are not happy with our service for any reason, let us know.  We’ll either make it right or you pay nothing (the final report won’t be completed/submitted).


Wind Mitigation Inspections
Reliable results you can count on. 
Digital photos and available supporting documentation included.
Typically, within 24 hours of completing the inspection.
Professional, yet personalized, to exceed expectations.
We'll be there for you when you need us - before, during and after the inspection.
Licensed, trained and experienced.  
Thousands of wind mitigation inspections completed.
Starting from...


 $129 in Palm Beach County
(including West Palm Beach, Wellington, Lake Worth, Boynton Beach and Palm Beach)
$154 in Broward, Martin and St. Lucie Counties
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Frequently Asked Questions 
What is a Wind Mitigation Inspection?
During a Wind Mitigation Inspection, an inspector will be looking for attributes of of your home that could help limit or prevent damage during a windstorm.  These attributes are documented on an inspection form (OIR-B1-1802) and forwarded to your insurance company.  Your insurance company will then use the inspection results to help determine your premiums.
Why do I need to get a Wind Mitigation Inspection?
You don't necessarily need to get one but, because it may reduce your insurance premiums, it could be a good idea.  Check with your insurance agent.
Who is legally qualified to complete a Wind Mitigation Inspection?
  • Licensed home inspector (WITH proper wind mitigation training)
  • Certified building code inspector (with OR WITHOUT proper wind mitigation training)
  • Licensed general, building or residential contractor (with OR WITHOUT proper wind mitigation training)
  • Licensed engineer (with OR WITHOUT proper wind mitigation training)
  • Licensed architect (with OR WITHOUT proper wind mitigation training)
  • Employees of engineers or general, building or residential contractor (with OR WITHOUT proper wind mitigation training).
  • Any other individual/entity recognized by the insurance company as being qualified.
Notice that of all the professions that are “qualified” to perform wind mitigation inspections, ONLY licensed home inspectors are REQUIRED to have additional wind mitigation training.  While the background, experience and education of all these professions are important, they are not enough.  A wind mitigation inspection is a particular type of inspection that requires unique training.  Having the proper training is a must.  Without proper training, inspectors are essentially "flying blind" and you could be taking a big gamble with your time and money.
How much time does a Wind Mitigation Inspection take?
An average Wind Mitigation Inspection takes about 30 to 45 minutes on site.
Does the inspector need to get inside the house?
In almost all cases, yes.  Exterior doors and garage doors may need to be inspected from the inside and/or in the open position.  The inspector will also need access into the attic space.
What will the inspector be inspecting?
Some of the items your inspector will look at include:
  • Roof covering
  • Roof deck attachments (from attic)
  • Roof-to-wall attachments (from attic)
  • Roof shape
  • Opening protection (shutters, impact windows, etc.)

How important is documentation (roofing contracts, etc.) to a Wind Mitigation Inspection?  

Proof in the form of photos and/or documentation is required to accurately complete the inspection report.  You want to collect any and all documentation that could help prove the type of wind mitigation attributes you have on your home AND have it available for your inspector to review.   Any documentation related to your roof, opening protection (shutters, impact glass, exterior doors, garage doors, etc.) and general structure could be beneficial.  Even if you think a piece of documentation will not help, it is better to have it available than not. 


How much of a discount will I receive?
No inspector can answer this for you.  Your insurance agent can tell you after your insurance company receives and processes the completed inspection report.

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